Dad, the camera is way to close!!


OK put me down already!!!


OK, a bit better but still too close Dad!!

Hey World!  I'm Here!

Now you did it, I'm crying again!!!


OK quit squeezing me already!!


Dad, too close with the camera again


If every day could be this easy!!



Get used to it, I'll be doing alot of this!!


See I told you I would be!!


Hmm, I wonder how this thing tastes??


Hello my mouth is open, where's my binky??

All this laying around, I need some exercise!!!


Again dad, too close with the camera!!


Umm, this goes on my foot!!


Come on already put this thing on my foot!!!


Beware of the hand, it is going to get you!!


Finally some real clothes!!


Yes I see you too!!


I feel like Buda in this thing!!


OK quit tickling my feet!!

$#@& this water is cold mom!!


OK it might look cute to you, but I am freezing??


I am way too sexy for these glasses!!


Expecting me to say something,

I'm asleep, duh!!!

I'm just hanging out with unkey Chris!!!

This is a nice spot to sleep.

What a long day, I'm bushed

I think you better check my diaper!!

Just relaxing and day dreaming!!

OK, it's not easter yet!!

Good morning daddy!!

Whats with the hat?? Who wears a hat to bed??

Yes you caught me sleeping again!!

Yes I'm sucking my thumb, how cute!!

Yep still sucking, just a different angle!!

Never seen a baby suck her thumb???

Even my tongue is too tired to work!!

What you talkin bout mom??